Much as I love Frank, anyone who says they genuinely love Death Spells and would listen to it if Frank had never been in it is lying to themselves

Actually, I love the DeathSpells sound, and I saw them perform live. Most of the time, you can’t actually see Frank and James, so it’s not like you can stand there and drool or something. Plus, if you like HC or post industrial, and older bands like NIN and Ministry, you get where the sound originated. 


When people are like “you just like death spells because of frank” I just?? Do you know how rude that is???
Yeah I like death spells because of Frank but its more like if Frank had a record behind him in a picture and I looked it up because I was curious and actually liked it.
I don’t like death spells because of the handsome duo. I like death spells because I like their sound. Just because you think it sounds like garbage doesn’t mean other people do too.

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Reggie and the full effect tattoo

fun ghoul in the making of na na na

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